The Philosophy: I know that there's a lot of men out there who simply hate to shop. But I believe a man fully realized should be able to dress himself. Not simply relying on girlfriends, spouses or a hired stylist to do so for him. Thats why I don't just help you dress yourself but actually teach you how. I will walk you through the process with the hope that you will eventually learn to do so without my help.  And thats my goal; to educate you to the point that my service is no longer necessary. This easy two step process will provide you with the service and instruction you need to develop your personal style while minimizing the time, worry and cost to you.

Step One: The Consult- In this free hour-long consultation we'll discuss topics such as personal style, total budget, sizing and other related topics that will provide me with the information I need in order to best serve you.

Step Two: The Shopping Trip- We'll schedule a shopping trip spanning anywhere from 2-4 different stores and lasting hopefully no more than 3 hours. I personally will arrive 2-3 hours before the client and prepare the fitting rooms with articles of clothing relevant to the clients style, size and need. This will allow for the client to simply show up these pre-planned stores,                           try on and then purchase the items he desires. Drinks and snack items will also be provided to keep the energy level up . Shopping can be unusually draining. 

Cost: I charge an hourly price of $45/hr for this service. Typically the total time spent is 4-5 hours with the total costs being around $170-$225 per session. If you are happy with the service the option to have my services on retainer for a contracted monthly basis is also available and preferred by several clients.